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Navigating the World After COVID-19 With Positivity

The COVID- 19 pandemic changed the world by creating a life of uncertainty and loss. What most people do not talk about is the dramatic changes it had on mental health. The National Institutes’ of Health conducted research in 2019 and found how mental health during the pandemic was an urgent issue that needed to be addressed. Researchers shared that “ nearly half of Americans surveys’ reported recent studies of an anxiety or depressive disorder, and 10% of respondents felt their mental health needs were not being met” ( NIH, 2021). If we look at a more recent update concerns about mental health and substance use remain elevated, “ with 90% if U.S. adults believing that the country is facing a mental health crisis” ( Panchal, Saunders, Rudowitz, Cox, 2023). The main takeaway from these studies was that people are still suffering and it is just getting worse. Many young people who do experience anxiety or depression will subside to drugs since they do not have the proper resources or are too scared to seek help. For instance, many young men are embarrassed to share their struggles. In a study created by Prority Group, “77% of men have suffered with common mental health symbols like anxiety, stress or depression and 30% if them are “ too embarrassed” to speak since there is a negative stigma around the issue” ( Priory, 2023). To add to this, people are too concerned around what others will think about them which is the reason for the immediate change of the common stigma that someone who suffers from mental health is ” weak”. 

All of these reasons are why I created the brand “ Be The Change.” I want to change the stigma around mental health. I think it is important to encourage people to seek help if they struggle and there is so many people in the same mental headspace as them. Some easy ways to reduce the stigma is to openly talk about your experiences. Social media has been a great place to spread positivity. However, I want to spread positivity in a different way; by the use of a sticker. My brand is inspired to motivate people on a daily basis. I want to inspire people with the use of quotes and statements that they can put on things they use everyday like a car, water bottle, laptop, refrigerators ect. While social media is a great way to spread positivity, my goal is to create a more hands on approach. People who notice the sticker might change their look on their day and give them a spark they didn’t think they needed. While doing so it is important to note that part of the profits will be donated to mental health awareness organizations to create the proper resources for people who are struggling. Not only are people who use my stickers they are also potentially helping people who do struggle with mental health. As stated before the resources will be mainly present on college campus’s. Many college students experience extreme stress, anxiety, and some cases depression. College students are undergoing a big change with leaving their family and long term friends behind. In most cases they also need to get used to share a living space with someone they just met. All of these things have the potential for people to undergo mental health issues. The American College Health Association’s ( ACHA) Spring 2022 National Health Assessment surveyed over 54,000 undergraduate students. It revealed “ that approximately 77% were experiencing moderated to serious psychological distress” ( ACHA 2022). To break this up, “ 35% of students said they have been diagnose with anxiety, 27% with depression or another mood disorder” ( Bryant, Lyss, 2023). This shows the issue around mental health. I wanted to do stickers since they have been becoming extremely popular and college students are using them to decorate. This will be a good way to spread awareness about mental health and inspire others. 

Another positive thing about my company’s brand is that we are an eco- friendly brand. Stickers are very challenging for the environment since there are a lot of negatives to how they effect the ecosystem. According to National Observer “ stickers are so small that they can end up slipping through waste- sorting facilities and into compost. From there they can break down into microplastics and contaminate the soil” ( Nay, 2023). My brand would make sure it has the dimensions where this would not be an issue. Another issue is that “ people are not separating food and plastic and we are consuming them and disposing waste which is leading to environmental issues ( Nay, 2023). In order to try to prevent this, there would be a little note in the envelope the sticker comes in reminding people to dispose it in the recycling.

I believe that the world needs to spread more positivity and dimmish the negativity around mental health. My stickers act as a reminder that its okay to have a bad day. It is important people realize that we need to build each other up to create a more positive world. I want my quotes to resonate with the customer and for it to be memorable and to inspire others. As Dr. Steve Maraboli states “ If you hang out with the chickens, you are going to cluck and if you hang out with eagles, your going to fly.” This quote really stood out to me since it shows that the people we are surrounded by shape who we are. Even simply the attitudes of the individuals around us can either bring up or bring down someone’s mood. “ Associating with people who have a positive outlook on life means living a life full of happy memories. They not only alter your perspective, but they can also improve your overall quality of life” ( Bartwal, 2021). My goal is for the stickers to create a positive mindset for the people who purchase and read them. I want my brand to inspire and promote motivation for people. 

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