Motivational Vinyl Stickers

My brand “ Be The Change” is to promote positivity and mental health awareness with stickers. In high school I suffered my first panic attack which was extremely scary. I did not know what was happening and was fearful it was going to happen again. As my classes got harder I would experience more panic attacks and it would become reoccurring. I knew that I needed to figure out a way to get my anxiety under control. I was able to learn about different breathing exercises and ways to prevent an attack from happening. I will never forget the struggle to figure out they right way that worked for me to control my anxiety. However, once I did I was so relieved. During COVID, I would read about how more people are suffering from all sort of mental health issues like depression, anxiety, extreme stress. People were isolated and unable to have face to face reactions creating a lot of uncertainties. I wanted to create a brand that promotes the idea of mental health and knowing that there is a way to control stress or anxiety. My brand is about being positive and inspiring people to motivate one another. Part of the profits will go to mental health organizations that work with college campus’s. I think it is extremely important for college students to know where to find resources if they are suffering from mental health issues.