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Last semester in my Art 101 class, I embarked on a creative journey to design a TikTok-inspired cover page for my cookbook project. Fueled by my passion for cooking and the endless inspiration I found on TikTok, I decided to showcase the platform’s vibrant colors and distinctive font style.

To begin, I opened Adobe InDesign and meticulously selected the iconic TikTok color palette—bold reds, playful pinks, and crisp whites—to infuse the cover with the app’s lively spirit. Using the line and pen tools, I crafted clean, straight lines to create a visually appealing and organized layout, aligning with TikTok’s modern aesthetic.

The font choice was crucial to capture the essence of TikTok, so I opted for a sleek and contemporary typeface reminiscent of the app’s recognizable font. This added a touch of familiarity and playfulness to the cover, making it instantly recognizable to anyone familiar with the platform.

The centerpiece of my design featured a collage of various famous TikTok creators who gained fame through their engaging content on the app. Each personality was strategically placed to create a balanced composition, reflecting the diverse and inclusive nature of TikTok’s content creators. Their joyful expressions and unique styles brought an extra layer of dynamism to the cover.

Given my love for cooking, I decided to transform the cookbook into a canvas of culinary creativity. The cover not only celebrated the TikTok community but also served as a gateway to a collection of delicious recipes and innovative cooking ideas. The blend of the TikTok aesthetic with my culinary passion created a unique and captivating visual narrative.

In summary, my TikTok-inspired cookbook cover was a harmonious blend of design elements. From the clean lines achieved with the line and pen tools in InDesign to the vibrant color scheme and playful font style reminiscent of TikTok, the project encapsulated the energy and creativity of the platform. Through this innovative approach, I not only showcased my design skills but also expressed my dedication to the culinary arts and the vibrant community that TikTok has become.

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