Motivational Vinyl Stickers

Step 1: Open up illustrator and start playing with different tools to come up with a creative sticker! Dont be afraid if you make a mistake you can always undo it! This is the time to try out different fonts, color schemes, tools, and effects!

Vinyl Cutter

Step 2: I exported my design as a .dmx file in order to send it to the vinly cutter. Depending on how many lines you created, will vary on how long it will take for your product to turn out. A simple design like this only took about one minute long.


Final step!

Peel away any excess sticker you do not want and get ready to transfer it onto transfer tape ! Now you are all set to show off your design!

Final Product! I picked to put mine on my laptop ! Other popular options include a vehicle, water bottle, and even refrigerator!

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