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In my Art 101 class, I embarked on a logo design project that turned into a nostalgic journey down memory lane. Inspired by my childhood days of setting up lemonade stands with my best friend, I decided to pay homage to those carefree times and the joy of crafting the perfect lemonade.

The logo, named “Mel’s Lemonade Stand,” drew inspiration from my favorite lemonade brand, adding a personal touch to the design. Initially, I created two versions of the logo—one in classic black and white and another in a vibrant color scheme.

The process involved a challenging but rewarding exploration of Adobe Illustrator, where I dove into the intricacies of the curvature tool. This tool became my ally as I navigated through the design, meticulously deleting multiple anchor points to achieve the desired curves and lines. While the process had its challenges and revealed some flaws in the design, it marked a pivotal moment in my artistic journey.

The logo itself encapsulated the essence of a childhood lemonade stand, featuring a playful arrangement of lemons, a rustic stand, and a handwritten-style font for the brand name. The choice of color in the second version enhanced the vibrancy, evoking the sunny and refreshing feeling associated with a cool glass of lemonade.

This logo design project served as a turning point in my creative exploration. The challenges encountered with the curvature tool not only tested my technical skills but also ignited a passion for design that surpassed my initial interest in Public Relations. The imperfect yet charming result became a symbol of my journey, reflecting the genuine and handmade nature of the lemonade stands that inspired it.

In essence, “Mel’s Lemonade Stand” became more than just a logo; it became a visual representation of my personal and creative evolution, signaling my shift toward a newfound passion for design. The project not only celebrated the simplicity of childhood memories but also hinted at the complexity and depth that design could offer in expressing personal narratives.

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